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Little Gardners Nursery 
Main Road, Marchwood, 
Southampton, SO40 4ZH


 Prime Area

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships

We encourage children to build relationships with each other and adults by using the Key Person System.  This will be an ongoing learning process and will be evaluated by observing the children’s free choice of play and whom they bond with. 

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Each child is unique in their learning therefore we provide experiences that are challenging yet achievable. We feel it is key to value children’s decisions and talk to the children and ensure they understand their decisions.

Managing feelings and behaviour

We encourage children to manage their feelings and behavior by team members modeling positive and polite interactions with others. We develop children’s sharing skills by providing 'turn taking' opportunities. We also teach the children the ‘golden rules’ in both the Nursery and Pre-School room.

Physical Developement

Moving and handling

We nurture each child's moving and handling abilities by providing resources to develop fine motor skills for example pens, paintbrushes  and safe scissors.  For gross motor skills we offer larger equipment such as brooms, racquets, tyres and logs etc. 

Health and Self Care

We aim to develop the children’s knowledge by teaching the importance of a healthy diet and good health with physical exercise and discuss ways to keep healthy and safe. 

We encourage children’s independence in managing their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently without forgetting each child is unique in their development. 

Communication and Languange

Listening and attention

We feel good communication is key to a child's development.  To achieve this we take the children into our own natural area so they can listen to environmental sounds to encourage discussion. We read stories and non-fiction books individually and in small groups to stimulate communication. 


We help children to follow instructions involving several ideas or actions through the use of body language, Makaton, gestures and symbols. We aim to develop ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions about their experiences through activities for example cooking and gardening. 

The community where the nursery is sited has a diverse ethnicity so we ensure both the children’s home language and diversity is reflected in the learning environment. To aid any barriers to communication we strive to develop a close working relationship with the parents and carers to fully understand the unique child's understanding of language.


We help children express themselves effectively and begin to show awareness of the listeners’ needs. We encourage this by allowing the children to express themselves in communication that they find interesting.  Some of the children are learning English as an additional language therefore we value non-verbal communication. 

We work towards developing the childrens' speaking skills with effective communication by practitioners building on sentence structure and introducing new words in the context of play. We also use the ‘Nursery Narrative’ system whilst teaching in small groups to help develop understanding and speaking skills.