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 Key Person

Before starting at the nursery/preschool your child’s designated key person will visit your  home to meet your child in their normal surroundings.  This helps build a relationship with your child and their families. Your child/children will also have a buddy key person assigned to them who takes over in the absence of the key person, to ensure your child’s care and development needs are met at all times.

The key person is responsible for overseeing your child’s tapestry journal and observations are up to date, your child’s next steps of learning and planning activities to reach these goals. Please update your child’s key person with any changes in the home environment or any factors that may affect your child’s day at Nursery e.g. their father is working overseas, a bad nights sleep, celebrating a grandmother’s birthday or any other factors that could worry or excite a young child.  Please also keep your key person up to date with any changes in your child’s diet, such as allergies and intolerances and changes to bottle requirements.